Make Your Own: Shoulderless Shirt

Genius idea for an easy way to re-purpose those weird and unfashionable dress shirts you may have in your closet – The Shoulderless Shirt from A Pair and a Spare.


The Finished Product:

1. Put on the shirt, and in the mirror using some chalk roughly sketch where you want the shoulderless section of the shirt to sit. I chose to go for quite a deep cut out, almost down to the elbows – but you can always angle it less for a more subtle  cut out.
2. Take the shirt off, lay it flat on a table and cut the marked section of the shoulders out of one side. Try on the shirt to make sure that the angle is correct.
3. Fold the shirt in half down the middle lengthways so the arms lie flat against each other, the use the chalk to sketch onto the other shoulder the exact cut out as before so that you get a symmetrical look. Cut out the second side and try it on in the mirror to make sure the cut outs are the same.
4. Then, using some brown thread, hand sew the edges of the cut outs. Fold the edge over a tiny bit so any fraying will be underneath and covered. If you have a sewing or selvage machine you can use that instead. I used a long stitch on the underside and a very fine stitch on the outside.

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