Fall Sunday Dinner, Vegan-Style

Here are the fruits of my domestic and culinary labors this evening, with the main ingredients courtesy of Verrill Farms.

On the menu:

Acorn Squash and Rajas Stuffed Cornbread-Quinoa Torte with Cashew Cream and Purple Carrots and a French-style Blue Potato Salad

One thing I did not know is that the first carrots were in all likelihood purple, and that Dutch cultivation in the 1500s was responsible for the orange color we see in stores today. If you’re a food nerd like me, you can learn all about the history of carrots at the World Carrot Museum. One thing I do know (now) is that they stain the hell out of your hands, much the way purple beets do…




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2 Responses to Fall Sunday Dinner, Vegan-Style

  1. Amy says:

    I’m impressed! That looks amazing! Are you vegan? I’ve been eating vegetarian for some time now…

    • I am mostly vegan, meaning I consume dairy now & again. But no meat/eggs for me. It’s interesting because many people say “i could never do that, I would miss meat too much!” But I don’t get cravings or miss it at all.

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