To the MAXX

Despite the fact that it is supposed to snow in New England this weekend, I am bravely dreaming of summer. Being in Austin really got me jonesin’ for some hot, hot, hot weather.  I feel like this spring/summer is going to be all about creating a modern twist on a 70’s vibe, so plan on seeing me (and probably lots of other women) in some seriously bohemian-inspired maxi dresses.

There’s something so appealing and freeing about the idea of being feminine, relaxed, classy, comfortable and sexy all at the same time. Translation: you don’t have to show all that your mama gave you to be sexy. Another awesome feature of the maxi dress is that by choosing the right proportions, fabric, and neckline variation, a maxi dress could look fantastic on any figure type. (I like these so much that I’m willing overlook the fact that fake celebrities like Nicole Ritchie are often spotted wearing them.)

Here are a few of my favorites ones to inspire you. Thift and vintage store shopping could prove to be fruitful for fabrics. Download a basic pattern here.



Cynthia Vincent


Fleur Wood



Matthew Williamson

Philip Lim





A Pare and A Spare – DIY Maxi Dress


Ralph Lauren


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