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Oil & Water Don’t Mix

I’m late in the game on this, but it’s an excellent example of how art and design can make a powerful social statement. Bravo, Anthony Burrill. Advertisements

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Spanish Cathedral Created from Salvaged Material

This project shows an incredible amount of perseverance and patience!

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Fall Sunday Dinner, Vegan-Style

Here are the fruits of my domestic and culinary labors this evening, with the main ingredients courtesy of Verrill Farms. On the menu: Acorn Squash and Rajas Stuffed Cornbread-Quinoa Torte with Cashew Cream and Purple Carrots and a French-style Blue … Continue reading

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Tiny House in Colorado, Pop. 3

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The first time I drove over this bridge was in the family station wagon when I was about six years old. It seemed amazing and fantastical at the time, but I remember having a horrible nightmare afterward that involved driving … Continue reading

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Six Items or Less – Could you do it?

Six Items or Less is a fantastic experiment that makes us take a good, hard look and what we wear and why we wear it. “What do our clothes say about us? Why do spend so much time on what … Continue reading

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Dream Home

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